Rattey Wala (Azeem Chaunsa)


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Savor the taste of tradition with Rattey Wala Mango – an authentic mango treasure from Multan’s orchards


Embrace the essence of tradition and taste with the Rattey Wala Mango – a true treasure from the heart of Multan’s mango orchards. Rooted in rich history and nurtured with care, this mango variety is a testament to the artistry and expertise passed down through generations.

Rattey Wala Mangoes are selectively cultivated and handpicked when perfectly ripe, ensuring you experience mango perfection in every bite. As you hold this mango in your hands, you’ll feel its tender skin, adorned with delicate shades of green and gold, inviting you to delve into its juicy depths.

Bite into the Rattey Wala Mango, and you’ll encounter a splendid blend of sweet and tangy flavors that dance on your taste buds. Its smooth, fiberless flesh creates an experience of sheer indulgence, allowing you to savor the taste of tradition with every delicious mouthful.

Known for its unique shape, Rattey Wala Mango stands out among its peers, a symbol of authenticity and heritage. Its generous size and vibrant colors make it a captivating centerpiece on any table, elevating the joy of sharing this mango delight with family and friends.

Rattey Wala Mango pays homage to the essence of Multan’s culture, where every mango holds a story, and every bite holds a memory. Experience the legacy of taste and tradition with the Rattey Wala Mango – a true treasure that embodies the spirit of Multan.

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